Simple & Effective Way to Write Object Oriented Code

Effective Code

While working on reviewing and refactoring code for applications to improve quality, many times, I found that the code bases were written to address functional…

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Architecture Patterns to Code Design Patterns

Design Pattern

When you search for “Design Patterns”, you will find most of the resources related to Object-Oriented Design Patterns.
Why? It is because the most used programming languages such as Java & .NET are object oriented. So, many people thinks design patterns means object-oriented design patterns but it’s not.

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Cloud Computing Architecture & Governance

Cloud Architecture

Cloud computing architecture is different than architecture for on-premise. Architecture for on-premise applications or systems rely on specific set of hardware, network, communication, integration and…

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Architecture Evaluation and ATAM, ARID & SAAM

Architecture Review

While working on projects many times, I see either software architecture review is not carried out or not done effectively. Architecture Review or Architecture Evaluation…

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Finalize and Record the Design Decisions

Layered View

This blog post is part of Steps to Design an Architecture. Once Design Options are compared to assess the impact on the ASRs then need…

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Trade-off Analysis – Balancing the Impact of Design Options

TradeOff Analysis

This blog post is part of Steps to Design an Architecture. Once the design options are identified, they need to be compared and balanced to…

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Identify Design Options to Address ASRs

Design Options

This blog post is part of Steps to Design an Architecture. Once the ASRs are identified, next steps is to start the design. It may…

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Identify Architecturally Significant Requirement (ASR)

ASR Questionnaire

This blog post is part of Steps to Design an Architecture. Architecturally Significant Requirements (ASRs) include most important requirements for architecture, whether they are functional…

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4 Steps to Effective Software Architecture Design

effective architecture design

Effective Software Architecture Design addresses architecturally significant requirements, effectively. A structured process should be followed to bring consistency and ensure effectiveness of architecture design. There…

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How to become an excellent Architect!


What it takes to be an excellent architect. Technical expertise? Architecture Expertise? Documentation Expertise? Answer is “Yes” all of them, but not only these skills,…

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