Finalize and Record the Design Decisions

Layered View

This blog post is part of Steps to Design an Architecture. Once Design Options are compared to assess the impact on the ASRs then need to finalize the options which can be part of the architecture. This can be done in many ways. Design Options, which complement each other can be grouped together. Options in each group should be given a priority rating based on the impact on ASRs based on the assessment in previous step. Now, select at-least one option from each of the group as finalized design option.

Once the design options are finalized, used them to create the architecture views.

An Architecture View is a way to represent an aspect of the architecture to show how the ASRs or stakeholder concerns are being addressed by the architecture. Please note here that a view target ome or more group of stakeholders such as developers, business analyst, operations team etc. Some examples of such views are deployment view, module view etc.

Layered View

You may heard the term such as deployment architecture, logical architecture etc. these are basically views not architecture. I may write another post to explain more about the views and view points but for now, you can understand, view point is a template or guidance to create a view, which will help explaining the architecture to a specific set of stakeholders.

These views may or may not contain diagram. Some views may be a diagram followed by some text to explain the diagram. Some views may be table or just text explanation.

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